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ADA Restroom Trailer

Wheelchair Access Restroom Trailer


The ADA trailer is specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of disabled users. Units are not just ADA accessible, but ADA compliant meeting or exceeding the permanent structure criteria as specified by the American Disabilities Act. Plus, everything you need to set up including the railing/ramp assembly are totally self-contained. This amazing engineering feat is accomplished by our exclusive and proprietary "one-touch" hydraulic trailer lowering system. The entire trailer smoothly and quietly lowers to the ground making long and cumbersome ramps obsolete. The ADA series features the same pleasant interior styling as our other UltraLav trailers, but with the appropriate accommodations for disabled patrons.


Please go to http://www.ultralav.com/ultralav-ADA.php for manufacturer website.



- 20ft / 24ft / 6ft / 13ft / 11ft (Occupancy is 3 persons)

- 2 non-specific stalls, 1 handicap men's stalls, 2 urinals

- Each stall has it's own entrance exit from the exterior of the trailer.

- A/C, Heat, CD/Aux/Radio, Hot + Cold Water

- Interior Theme and Plant Decor Available.


We have been provide bathroom trailers in the Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Florence, and Wilmington areas for many years.  If you would like to look at the handicap access restroom trailer we have available, please come by our Myrtle Beach office.  We will gladly show you how the wheelchair access restroom trailer works.

Our wheel chair access restroom trailers can suit your most specific needs for your event.  We can deliver this ADA bathroom trailer with built in wheelchair ramp to any location in the eastern carolinas.