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Septic Tank Pump

Septic Cleaning and Inpsection

We pump Septic Tanks in the Myrtle Beach Area!  If your home or business if hooked into a septic tank system, please call Elvis for inspection, service, or repair.  If you think you have an issue with your septic tank, Elvis will be happy to send a qualified septic technician to inspect your septic tank.  Your septic tank could be full if you have not pumped the tank in several years.  Your distribution box could be stopped up, or your field lines could be clogged with roots and debris.  It is important to know what your septic problem is before you begin work on the septic system. 

If your field lines are not operating correctly, simply pumping out your septic tank will not fix the problem.  Trust Elvis to help you determine if you need field line repair, line cleaning, or septic pumping.

Elvis Service Company has been installing Septic Tanks and Field Lines for decades.  Trust Elvis with installing your septic tank.

We have the equipment and the knowledge to replace your existing field lines if roots and debris have caused blockage in your septic field lines.  Trust Elvis to repair your septic tank system!