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> History And Philosophy

Elvis Service Company was founded in 1956 by Virgil Elvis as a plumbing company, but has grown to become the best portapotty, storage container, and grease trap company in the Myrtle Beach area.  We have always strived to provide clean porta-potties and the best restroom trailers to construction sites and special events.  For restaurants, we pump grease traps, jet lines, pump septic tanks, and recycle fryer oil.  We also have hundreds of storage containers, conex boxes, cargo containers, and smaller on site storage pods.  If you need an office on your construction site, please call us, we have 20 foot and 40 foot mobile office shipping containers.


Construction Services

  • Our Construction Services Division offers portable toilets and mobile storage and offices to both small custom home builders and national developers.  You can call them porta potties, portajohns, outhouses, or portalets, we will be happy to provide you with a solution to your bathroom needs.  We have a wide variety of portable toilets ranging from ADA handicap accessible portalets to porta potties with sinks to outhouses with flushing ability.  If you need a place to wash, please look to rent our hand wash sink stations stocked with plenty of soap and paper.  We also have hand sanitizers that we can add to the portapotties or deliver a separate hand sanitizing station.

  • We also offer mobile storage container services, in which we will deliver a 20 foot or 40 foot mobile storage container directly to your construction site.  If you need somewhere to headquarter your construction job, you may be interested in our mobile office solutions.  The are 20 - 40 foot storage pods paired with on-site mobile offices with high security locks and ground level access.  We will deliver your mobile storage or ground level office  directly to your construction or maintenance site.  We provide holding tanks and pump out waste water tanks for your on site office trailer needs.  Whether you call them conex boxes, storage containers, shipping boxes, storage pods, intermodal containers, sea cans, ISO containers, boxes, hi-cube containers, or high cube shipping boxes we will meet your storage and mobile office needs.

  • Whether you want to rent or lease portable toilets, restroom trailers, storage container, mobile storage units, Storage pods, mini mobile storage units, or portable and mobile ground level offices, Elvis Service Company is the right choice in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Florence, or Wilmington area.  We will take the time to make sure your porta-potty or mobile storage box is delivered on time, we will be prompt in facilitating in any extra service your portapotty, mini mobile storage, or portable job office will require.  


Restaurant Services

  • Our Restaurant Services Division consists of grease trap pump outs, line jetting, hydro jetting and drain cleaning , grease trap repair, and waste oil recycling.  We will pump out your grease trap, jet out your lines, and buy your waste fryer oil all on a scheduled and routine restaurant facilities maintenance plan.  We offer the best fryer oil recycling program in the Myrtle Beach area and we want to buy your old fryer grease.  We maintain and thorough and dependable restaurant facilities maintenance program that you can locally count on 24/7.

  • As a local grease trap service provider, we will routinely monitor, service, and pump out your in ground or under sink grease trap.  Our technicians will pump out your grease trap, and supply you with the documentation required by your regulator.  Our dedicated and well trained technicians will ensure clean and thorough service along with friendly and courteous attitudes.  We clean the walls of your trap, pump out all solids and grease, and leave your grease trap in excellent operating condition.  You can always count on Elvis to pump your grease trap on a timely schedule and clean any septic tanks with the best service possible.

  • Periodically your pipes may become clogged leading to or coming from your grease trap.  We offer line jetting service in order to unclog your lines and allow the waste from your kitchen to flow freely.  Our hydrojetting servicing is high pressure and steam powered to clear out the toughest clogs.  Our rooter services will clean your drain lines and jet out the grease left behind from your kitchen waste.

  • Along with grease trap and line jetting service, we also offer waste fryer oil recycling.  We buy grease!  We have excellent relationships with biodiesel producers in order to bring you the best prices available for your waste oil.  After we purchase your old grease, we process the grease waste into "yellow grease" by removing all of the solid food and water.  We test the oil for contaminants and market to biodiesel manufacturers.  Let us buy your old grease before you throw it in the trash! We can pay you top dollar for your waste grease and our technicians will keep your waste area clean and in great operating condition.


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