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Fulfilling Storage Needs in the Charleston and South Carolina Areas

We offer both 20 and 40 foot storage boxes and office storage combos. The office units are equipped with heating/cooling and energy hook up. Our storage container rentals ship directly out of Myrtle Beach to your job site.  Our storage container rental prices are priced competitively and the quality of our storage containers is top of the line.  We paint many of our shipping containers to meet your need if you have a jobsite that is a high-traffic area.  The shipping containers that we maintain in our rental fleet are kept in top condition.  You can be sure that when an Elvis Storage Box is delivered to your job, it is dry, secure, and on time.

We provide the sale and rental of shipping containers.  Our container boxes come in many different types and sizes.  We have 40 foot containers, 20 foot containers, ground level offices, 48 foot trailers, and 53 foot trailers. A shipping container can be used for so many different uses.  Perfect for storing your items during a move, or if you need more space during a big job.  Many carpenters, plumbers, and electricians will rent our shipping containers for on site storage at construction jobs.  We rent our conex boxes by the month and in some cases sell our 20 ft and 40 ft containers to someone looking for permanent storage. Our boxes, containers, offices, and trailers are delivered prompty to your construction or warehouse site.

Our pods, conex boxes, storage containers, shipping containers, mobile storage boxes, mini storage containers, mobile ground level offices, storage boxes, temporary storage facilities, and on site construction storage are secure.  Our boxes have locking doors and durable safe structure.  Our storage containers are made of steel so you can be sure your tools and belongings will be safe when you lock them up in an Elvis Box.  You can use our high security locks to prevent theft on the job site.  We can deliver your Elvis Storage Container with prompt timing and dependable service.

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