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Elvis Service Company is proud to serve the Myrtle Beach area, and strives to provide the region's cleanest portable restroom, storage and recycling units, alond with the best customer service in the industry. Whether you need portable toilets for your construction site or festival or a luxury restroom trailer for your wedding or other special event, we can help. Our clients are just like you, looking for clean units, friendly and on-time service, and fair pricing. Read what some of our customers have to say about their experience:

Dearest Elvis......

As always your service and product never disappoint.
Thank you for making my job easier.....as I never feel like I need to worry about the restroom trailer.
I look forward to working with you again, in May 2014.
Della Ramsey


-Della Ramsey Weddings

Denise & Debbie

Thank you for all your patience and attention to detail for the Moore-Pearson wedding! It was a spectacular affair...
Also, a big special “thank you” to Jerome & HL. They were wonderful. I was very impressed with them. Please tell them how much I appreciated their professionalism.
Until our next adventure!


To Whom it May Concern:

I am a recent customer who just wanted to write to say “thank you”. On friday, 1-21-2011, I called your office seeking same-day service and spoke to a very pleasant woman named Debbie, who took my information, gave me the price, and assured me someone would call me back soon. In a short period of time a very nice man named Jerome called me. He was very friendly, asked some questions adn answered mine. He told me that either he or another co-worker would come to do the job. I was hoping it would be Jerome because I instantly liked him over the phone. However, when the truck pulled up a short time later, I went to greet it and asked the driver if he was Jerome. He was not, he was “HL”.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting such a caring, kind and honorable gentleman in a long time. I was already distraught over having three “plumbing visits” from other companies in the same week (none of which solved my problem) and HL listened to me patiently and gave me very good advice. Although the tank needed to be pumped (as it hadn’t been done in 10-15 years), it wasn’t the root of the problem.

HL went above and beyong for me - he worked so hard and put things back better than they were before. He even offered his help on his own time if i Needed it. He worried about possibly running over a bush in my yard with his truck (which of course he didn’t do) and that touched my heart!

Again, I just wanted to thank all of you. I will definitely recommend your company  to family and friends. My very best wishes to all of you, and please know you are blessed to have such exceptional employees. My heartfelt thanks goes out especially to HL! He’s a good man with a big heart and a definite asset to your organization!





Matt Haselden

C/O Elvis Service Company

2200 Executive Ave.

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Matt, I just wanted to drop a note of thanks.   Thank you, for helping us with the removal of our used cooking oil and eliminating all of the little hassles that go with it.  

We have been doing business on the Grand Strand for over 25 years and your program is by far the best I have ever seen.  Until you brought your removal program to us, used cooking oil was hardly thought about.  As a matter of fact, the only time it was thought of was when cleaning up around an old metal container dropped off 20 years ago by some unknown vendor. We never saw the guy again, we never saw anyone remove the oil and we hardly ever saw a check.  Just that big, old heavy container that always looked dirty and was never completely emptied, and people wondered why it smelled bad.     

Your fiberglass container is great.  When empty we can move it around to sweep or relocate as we desire.  We were never able to do that in the past.  Like I said the other guy dropped it and left.  Your container design doesn’t hold the spilled oil or other debris from being placed near our dumpsters.  We have fewer flies, no odor and no build up of oil on or near your waste container.  Our employees and even other vendors now comment on our dumpster corral being neat and organized.

Like I said Matt, we never even saw the other company pick up our oil.  Your team is always sure to announce themselves and to drop off the ticket showing the amount of oil picked up. I know a week or two later we will be getting the check in the mail. In a stack of bills and invoices your check stands out!   

Thanks again,

Mike Robertson

V.P. Of Operations

Damon’s Grill Oceanfront

Damon’s Grill North Myrtle Beach.

-Mike (Damon's Grill)


I have been very impressed with the service I have received from elvis recycling.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Matt, after years of unpredictable service from other companies, it is nice to know that my waste oil is picked up in a timely manner,container kept clean, and paid a fair price.


Lenton Yates, Owner Hoskins Restaurant

-Linton Yates (Hoskins Restaurant)

Elvis Services has been collecting my used kitchen oil for the past year.

I have been very happy with the payment,  service,  and the cleanliness of my grease bin area.

David Owens

Creek Ratz
Capt. Dave's Dockside

-David Owens (Creek Ratz and Daves Dockside)