Fryer Oil Recycling




Elvis Recycling offers fryer oil recycling services to restaurants in South Carolina and North Carolina. We provide you with a waste oil tank and keep your grease bin pumped out on a regular schedule. When you call Elvis to recycle your kitchen oil, you can rest assured that the service will be quick and clean. Our waste oil bins are state of the art. We can provide any type of fryer oil disposal system on the market. From inside oil tanks on rollers, to tanks that pump the fryer grease directly, to oil caddies, Elvis provides the best method of grease disposal available.


Along with grease trap and line jetting service, we also offer waste fryer oil recycling. We buy grease! We have excellent relationships with biodiesel producers in order to bring you the best prices available for your waste oil. After we purchase your old grease, we process the grease waste into “yellow grease” by removing all of the solid food and water. We test the oil for contaminants and market to biodiesel manufacturers. Let us buy your old grease before you throw it in the trash! We can pay you top dollar for your waste grease and our technicians will keep your waste area clean and in great operating condition.

For tank manufacturer’s website of our typical 125 gallon oil bin and 275 gallon oil bin, please go to