4 Benefits Of HydroVac Vacuum Excavation

4 Benefits Of HydroVac Vacuum Excavation

4 Benefits Of HydroVac Vacuum Excavation

For home and business owners in need of excavation but wanting to avoid the cost and mess of traditional digging, Myrtle Beach HydroVac excavation is the best solution. This non-destructive method of digging is used by Elvis Service Company to safely expose underground pipes and lines. The method uses highly pressurized water and a vacuum system to loosen soil and other debris and remove it through a suction process. The dirt is stored inside the debris tank hooked to the HydroVac.


While traditional digging puts you at risk for hitting and breaking an underground line, the HydroVac method reveals underground utilities in a minimally invasive way. The HydroVac method is commonly used to verify the location of underground utilities, excavate plumbing pipes and sewer lines, and clear environmental boring holes. No matter what your project entails, there are benefits to choosing the HydroVac excavation method.


Minimum Disruption To Land

When professional technicians complete the digging process with the HydroVac, there’s minimal damage to underground fixtures and your property. Water, gas, and cable lines are safe from the severe of large machinery or a shovel. As the section is excavated by the water and vacuum, the dirt and debris are simultaneously removed. You’re not left with a huge dirt pile at the completion of the project.


Less Time On Site

When you have an underground plumbing issue or need a new utility line created, Elvis Service Company knows you want the job done as quickly as possible. Compared to the days of trenching that it can take to manually excavate a piece of land, HydroVac excavation calls for just a fraction of the time. The technicians will use state-of-the-art technology that removes the material quickly and is much safer than digging by hand. A large crew isn’t needed to complete the HydroVac process, so you save money on labor.


Safer Excavation Method

Even when work crews confirm the underground utilities, there’s a chance the lines could be moved slightly due to shifting soil or other natural events. Manual digging doesn’t account for that shift and can create a dangerous work environment. HydroVac excavation doesn’t require large machinery or guess work. The pressurized water can be used in a small workspace and isn’t damaging to other underground lines.


Cost Efficient

Myrtle Beach HydroVac excavation is completed more quickly and with a smaller crew than traditional digging. The benefit to you is keeping cash in your wallet. By reducing the equipment, time, and workers needed on your project, you decrease the cost. In addition, the soil and debris removed from the property is stored in a tank, so there’s no added fee of removing and hauling away debris from the worksite.

HydroVac excavation can be used on nearly any type of soil, even frozen or rocky earth. Thanks to its environmentally-friendly method, ease of use, and safer methodology, HydroVac excavation is the preferred way to dig underground. If you have questions about how the HydroVac system could meet your needs, contact the Elvis Service Company.

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