Why Is My Septic Tank Gurgling?

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Why Is My Septic Tank Gurgling?

Why Is My Septic Tank Gurgling?

If you’ve owned a septic tank for years, you recognize the gurgling sounds could mean something is wrong. For Myrtle Beach septic tank owners who have never experienced a problem, the noises may not be recognizable. As one of the most experienced septic tank care companies in Myrtle Beach, Elvis Service Company wants to help owners understand signs that could indicate a blockage or backup.

With consistent, quality care, your septic tank can avoid major catastrophes. Gurgling noises are often a sign that something is amiss and should not be ignored. If you hear these types of noises within your system, a number of troubles could be at play.

Common Septic Tank Problems

Irregular care, like skipped pumpings or a lack of septic tank inspections, is the leading cause of system disruptions. While environmental factors, like flooding or ill-advised construction, can shift the soil and cause septic tank damage, a large percentage of system failures – like the ones listed below – can be avoided.

Blocked drains: Gurgling sounds coming from your drainage pipes may suggest a blockage in your plumbing drains. Slow drains and gurgling noises indicate that drain, and maybe others in the home, should be professionally cleaned.

Blocked sewer pipes: If the main sewer line that connects your system to the septic tank is blocked, you’ll hear gurgling noises and waste will be slow to drain. In severe cases, the toilets may not flush at all. Flushing items that should only be thrown away and an increase in water usage can cause this type of clog. Septic tank owners should be aware of the number of water-reliant appliances running at once (washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, etc.). Too much water waste can temporarily flood the system.

Drain vent issues: When gurgling noises emerge from the sink or shower, there may be a problem with the drain vent, responsible for removing sewer gas from the pipes. Age or a broken part could cause the vent to malfunction.

Septic tank needs to be pumped: When your septic tank is too full, gurgling noises will be common with any plumbing fixture or element you use. The tank will be unable to drain, blocking the sewer lines from flowing as they should. You may also notice sewage seeping from the ground or a strong odor outside your home.

Myrtle Beach Septic Tank Repair

While some DIY remedies can help clear your home drain and may even be safe for your septic tank, it’s best to call a professional septic tank company to inspect the entire system. Without professional tools, it will be impossible for you to recognize the exact source of the problem.  

The best way to prevent your septic tank from gurgling and suffering any of the problems we’ve listed above, is to schedule routine inspections and maintenance. A septic tank inspection should be performed every two to three years, and you should pump your take every three years on average.

When your commercial or residential Myrtle Beach septic tank is gurgling, rely on the Elvis Service Company to provide exceptional service that will not only remedy the immediate problem, but will help prevent recurring issues. Contact us today. 


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