Grease Trap Cleaning Tips That Save You Money

Grease Trap Cleaning Tips That Save You Money

Grease Trap Cleaning Tips That Save You Money

Grease Trap Cleaning Tips That Save You Money

A grease trap in your commercial kitchen is a must to keep the operation running smoothly. Without the trap, grease, fats, and oils would quickly clog your entire plumbing system, closing your business for days while emergency plumbing services are rendered. While grease trap cleaning may be an afterthought when you consider the daily tasks you complete to keep the restaurant, hospital or school kitchen, or other facility running, making the cleaning a priority will save you money in the long run.

Whether you’re searching for a reliable Myrtle Beach grease trap cleaning company or want to know if you’re cleaning the trap often enough, we have some tips that will help your kitchen run more efficiently and keep cash in your pocket.

  1. Proper grease trap installation

It’s crucial that your grease trap is installed correctly. If you’ve experienced problems with the trap or fear it may be time for a replacement, rely on a company that will get the job done properly. The Elvis Service Company will visit your facility to inspect the grease trap and ensure it is installed correctly.

  1. Discard solid food items

The grease trap is designed to capture grease, fats, and oils. While some food particles will inevitably end up in the trap, you want to do everything you can to avoid this issue. Create a system in your kitchen that allows solid food to be discarded in the trash or recycling bins. The more food you can keep out of the trap, the longer you can go between cleanings.

  1. Install Strainers

To help keep food and other foreign objects out of the grease trap, install strainers. The strainer will capture everything from dish rags to silverware. Imagine if those objects made it to the grease trap or into your plumbing. You could quickly face a severe blockage in your plumbing.

  1. Prevent excess grease from entering system

Even with an efficient grease trap, you want to avoid pouring grease down the drain. Pour the grease into metal storage containers and give it to the grease trap company when they arrive for the regular cleaning. You’ll prevent the trap from filling so quickly and save your drains from clogging.

  1. Work with a professional grease trap cleaning company

Not everyone is equipped and experienced with cleaning a grease trap. Besides being extremely messy, the job is considered hazardous. Rely on a professional team to clean the space on a regular basis and don’t attempt the job yourself. A DIY grease trap cleaning job could easily damage your plumbing system or worse, leave you or an employee at risk of being injured.

  1. Ask for a free inspection

As you’re researching grease trap cleaning companies in Myrtle Beach, ask if the company offers a free grease trap inspection. The professional technicians should be able to tell you if the trap is installed properly, how often it should be cleaned based on size and usage, and give an upfront price for routine cleanings.

The Elvis Service Company is experienced with grease trap cleaning and can provide your business with the services you need to operate efficiently and meet all local and state grease cleaning regulations.

Did you know we also service, Florence, Charleston, and Wilmington? Call us today to schedule a grease trap cleaning or to find out more about restaurant oil recycling.


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