Things To Do After A Hurricane


Things To Do After A Hurricane

Hurricanes are part of life here along the Grand Strand. Whether you are new to the area or were around to have seen the destruction of Hugo, it’s always a good idea to review tips on what to do AFTER a hurricane. There are many great resources for getting ready for a Hurricane. But, what many of us know is there’s still a lot to do after the storm has passed.

If You Evacuated:

  • If you have evacuated watch the  local news or contact emergency centers to find out if you are allowed back into your neighborhood. There could be crews working in the area, downed trees and lines and you need to be certain the area is safe and clear.
  • Double check that you have proper identification with you to get back to your home. Most areas need an official state identification with your local address. If you are a property owner without a local ID you will need your ID and a utility bill or tax bill with the local address.


Stay Safe:

  • You need to avoid sight-seeing as you could be mistaken for a looter.
  • Be very cautious about downed lines, especially metal fences or objects where lines could be down.
  • Watch for downed trees also, as they could have power lines in them.
  • Make sure gas lines have been checked in the area.
  • If your home has been flooded do not turn on the power until there has been an inspection.
  • Remember we are not the only ones who can be displaced in a storm. Be alert about snakes!
  • Make sure your water is safe to drink and there’s not a boil advisory.


Below are a few good websites that can help you answer questions, give tips on clean up and more. 

Federal Emergency Management –

South Carolina Emergency Management –

North Carolina Emergency Management –

Resource for inspection –

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