Why HydroVac Excavation Is Best For Small Trenching Projects

Why HydroVac Excavation Is Best For Small Trenching Projects

Why HydroVac Excavation Is Best For Small Trenching Projects

For small trenching project jobs, Myrtle Beach HydroVac excavation is the most efficient process to complete the project. Through the power of highly pressurized water, HydroVac excavation can create a necessary trench to complete pipe laying and is a safer, more precise way to complete an excavation project.

HydroVac evacuation is the process of forcing pressurized jets of water into the ground to create a sludge mix, then removing the sludge with a vacuum tool. The sludge is delivered and stored into a large tanker truck on site. Small excavation jobs are the ideal projects for this type of evacuation for four main reasons.

Myrtle Beach HydroVac Excavation Is Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional excavation methods that call for large machinery, like backhoes and bulldozers, the HydroVac system only affects necessary areas of your property. There’s no heavy equipment, days of digging, or ruined property to create the trench. When excavation is completed by digging, you’re left with a ruined lawn, disrupted landscaping, and a hefty bill to have it repaired. HydroVac excavation uses one entrance point into the ground, avoiding excess disruption to your property and leaving the space clean when complete.

HydroVac Excavation Is Efficient

Rely on Elvis Service Company to complete your Myrtle Beach HydroVac excavation project and the job will be finished in less time compared to other methods. Don’t close your business for days at a time to complete a pipe or cable laying job. HydroVac is a time-efficient method that can typically be performed in a matter of hours, so your home or business is back up and running before any major inconveniences are caused.

HydroVac Excavation Is Cost-Efficient

When you have a large crew, heavy machinery and days of digging involved in your excavation project, you can bet you’ll pay a higher price than with HydroVac excavation. With a minimal amount of equipment needed and one or two technicians to perform the job, HydroVac is much more budget-friendly than traditional digging. In addition, you skip the added fees of having to remove debris or dirt because the sludge is stored in the tank.

HydroVac Excavation Is Accurate

It’s vitally important to have precise directional control over any trenching project. HydroVac allows for accurate execution to ensure no other underground lines or cables are disrupted during the trenching process. By avoiding large machinery that can’t offer the precision needed, you’re less likely to run into line breaks or other issues.

Traditional digging also mandated that any dirt, debris or old pipeline that’s removed from the ground be disposed of properly. This is an expense you can expect to find on your bill. With HydroVac Excavation, the only thing being removed from the ground is dirt. Saving you money on removal and necessary repairs to other lines often caused by mechanical excavation.

The Elvis Service Company is experienced and uses only the best equipment to complete each HydroVac Excavation project. Call our friendly staff today to see if your job could benefit from this time and cost-efficient process. 


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