Benefits Of Recycling Cooking Oil

recycling restaurant cooking oil

Benefits Of Recycling Cooking Oil

Benefits Of Recycling Cooking Oil

Running a commercial kitchen can leave you with the messy task of disposing of used cooking oil. Draining it, of course, leaves you with severe plumbing problems as the fats and grease will eventually create complete blockages within your pipes. Hiring a company that offers fryer oil recycling service in Myrtle Beach and beyond is the cleanest, safest way to rid your kitchen of used cooking oil. The used oil cannot go to your typical recycle trash bin as the process of recycling the oil is much different than other materials.

Recycling Cooking Oil

Many recycling companies, like Elvis Service Company, have partnerships with biodiesel producers that can turn the oil into other forms of fuel. Skip the hazardous and messy attempts to wash oil down the drain or throw it in the trash bin. Elvis Service Company is the industry leader in fryer oil recycling along the Grand Strand. We can provide the proper receptacles for the oil, pick it up for recycling and pay you for the used oil.

Recycling the used oil is not only a benefit to you and your business, but it’s also a way to better the environment. Below are some of the major benefits of recycling cooking oil:

Renewable Energy

Recycling fryer oil in Myrtle Beach creates renewable energy that different manufacturing firms use for processing their products. Your restaurant’s used oils, grease, animal fats and vegetable oils, can be used to create biodiesel and other fuels. A number of diesel-powered machines and vehicles can use this fuel without releasing harmful emissions that can damage the environment.

Cleaner Environment

The World Health Organization estimates that 4.6 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution. By practicing fryer oil recycling, you play a part in creating a healthier environment for all of us. Fuels are some of the biggest contributors to air pollution. Biodiesel is much less toxic than comparable fuels, like petro-diesel, and is eco-friendly because it prolongs the vehicle’s engine.


Saves Costs

By using a Myrtle Beach fryer oil recycling company to dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly way, you save your business money. Elvis Service Company can supply the bins, pick up the used oil and remove it from your property. You don’t have to spend additional cash on the proper receptacles or safely transporting the oil.


In addition, you’re contributing to the betterment of other businesses. When manufacturers can convert your fryer oil into a biodiesel, they extend the life of their machines that run off the fuel and lower their cost of operation.

Make Money

Recycling fryer oil in Myrtle Beach can make you extra money. Elvis Service Company is the best oil recycling company on the Grand Strand because we make the process simple and pay you for your used oil.

Whatever your reason for recycling used fryer oil, choose Elvis Service Company as your partner to safely dispose of the oil, extend the life of your plumbing and earn extra money along the way.


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