How To Extend Fryer Oil Life

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How To Extend Fryer Oil Life

How To Extend Fryer Oil Life

One of the most commonly asked questions received by the Elvis Service Company is “How long does restaurant fryer oil last?”. For restaurant owners and manager in Myrtle Beach, it’s your job to establish a routine fryer cleaning schedule while balancing the budget and necessity of not wasting oil.

Partnering with a company that offers fryer oil recycling should be your first step in establishing a more environmentally and budget-friendly kitchen. It’s possible to get paid for your used oil, so why would you not want to establish a schedule for clean and quick oil recycling service? Once you’ve established your partnership to have the oil picked up on a regular basis, focusing on the day-to-day will help your fryer oil last longer.

Filter Oil Often

Filter the fryer oil at least twice a day, possibly more depending on frequency of use. Proper filtration is the most important step in extending the life of your fryer oil. By filtering each fry vat for at least five minutes twice daily, you’ll extend the oil’s use. Filter the oldest oil first and use fry filter paper to complete the job.

Skim Oil

Skim the top and sides of the fryer every 15 minutes to remove lingering food particles. The oil will last longer, and food will keep its true flavor rather than carrying the flavors of the floating food particles.

Cover The Fryers

When the fryers aren’t being used, cover them properly. The covers will protect the fryers from contamination and food particles not meant for the fryers.

Calibrate Fryers Quarterly

Extend the life of your equipment may ensuring it is working properly with a recalibration every three months. This will ensure food cooks to the proper temperature, reduces the cook time, and gets quality food to your customers more quickly. A properly calibrated fryer will also prevent you from getting the oil too hot, which degrades the liquid more quickly.

Fill Fryer To Fill Line

Never pour too much oil into the fryer. Use the recommended fill line to keep oil measurements at the proper level. You’ll reduce excess waste and makes certain your team is following food-safety guidelines. In addition, the fill line helps protect your cooks against oil-related injuries.

How Often Should I Change My Fryer Oil?

Several factors play into how long you can keep oil in your deep fryer. Consider what types of food you’ve cooked, how often you use the fryers, oil quality, and cleanliness of the fryer. While there’s no one set time that will work for every restaurant, there are signs your oil breaking down and is no longer usable. When the oil smokes at lower temperatures, darkens in color, begins to carry an odor, or thickens and becomes foamy at the surface, it’s time to change the oil.

Recycle Fryer Oil

When it’s time to empty the fryers, discard of the used cooking oil properly. Allow Elvis Service Company to pick up the used fryer oil to be recycled and used in other ways. You’ll get paid for the oil, the liquid is disposed of quickly and your kitchen remains mess-free and ready for business.





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