Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Checklist

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Checklist

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Checklist

As a Myrtle Beach restaurant owner, you want to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly. Part of a strong operation is keeping your staff safe and equipment working. Restaurant grease trap cleaning plays an essential role in readying your commercial kitchen for the busiest time of the year. From many restaurant owners, the summer months means a drastic influx in customers. Allowing your business to falter because of a clogged grease trap means you miss days of valuable paying customers.


Myrtle Beach Grease Trap Cleaning

Before you choose the best grease trap cleaning company, it’s helpful to understand the benefits of cleaning the space. Keeping your Myrtle Beach grease trap clean means you avoid fats, oils and grease from getting into the public sewer. This may save you from fines, depending on your municipality’s regulations.


A clean grease trap also stops fats, oils and grease from blocking your pipes, which could slow down business and harm your reputation. Plus, pouring cooking oil down your drains will create buildup throughout all of your pipes, restricting the flow rate of water and waste.

When To Clean Grease Trap

Most restaurants and commercial kitchens clean their grease traps at least once a quarter. During your busiest months, however, you may need to schedule grease trap cleaning more frequently. To keep the need for professional cleaning at a minimum and to avoid clogs in your plumbing system, share these tips with your kitchen crew:

  • Food scraps should be separated from your fats and oils, not placed in the sink. 
  • Don’t rely on your garbage disposal to break down food well enough to not clog your drains and pipes. 
  • Keep the drain strainers empty.
  • You want to minimize the amount of food that gets into the grease trap. Install food traps in your kitchen at all food prep stations and wash sinks.

Ensure Your Grease Trap is Working Properly

Make a regular schedule to check the grease trap and ensure it is working properly, especially during the busy season. Check that the grease is staying within the trap. If not, you may be dealing with a leak or the trap may have been installed incorrectly. The Elvis Service Company is the trusted name in restaurant grease trap inspections and pumping. We will ensure your trap is the correct size for your kitchen and the volume of waste it produces.

The correct grease trap size depends on a number of factors, including how much and the type of food you cook, volume of customers, and how many dishes you wash each night.


Schedule Grease Trap Pumping

It’s important to keep a log of when you have your grease trap inspected and cleaned. Monitoring how much fat, grease and oil is stored in your grease trap will help prevent clogs or overflows. Keeping a precise schedule will help you recognize when it’s time for service or identify unusual patterns.


Invest in professional grease trap cleaning from your trusted Myrtle Beach business. Routine grease trap pumping from Elvis Service Company will keep your kitchen and business running smoothly. When you’re battling clogged drains and pipes, we also offer line jetting services. Contact our professional team today to see how we can help keep your kitchen safe and efficient.



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