Should I Get A Septic Inspection When Buying A Home?

Septic Inspection for Myrtle Beach Homes

Should I Get A Septic Inspection When Buying A Home?

Should I Get A Septic Inspection When Buying A Home?

The spring and summer months are the most popular times to buy a home. For house hunters across the country, the inner workings of a property’s plumbing is often concealed, even if problems are lurking just beneath the surface. For those considering a home purchase with a septic tank on the property, there is an extra step you should consider before finalizing your offer.

A home is much more than the roof and rooms inside. How well the septic tank and plumbing has been cared for over the years can be easily revealed in a Myrtle Beach septic tank inspection. A septic system inspection goes beyond the typical home inspection. For the rural areas where septic tank systems are common, an inspection is a crucial step in the home purchasing process.

Myrtle Beach Septic System Inspection

A septic system is typically used for properties that wouldn’t be well-served by city or county services due to distance. For home buyers who have never lived with a septic system, the indoor plumbing functions nearly identical to any other plumbing system. The difference occurs when waste water is flushed or poured down the drain. Rather than you piping system delivering the waste to a water treatment plant, the waste is stored in an underground tank on your property.

Every three to five years, the septic tank needs to be pumped. The entire system, however, should have more regular inspections to ensure each piece is working properly. If just one portion of the system isn’t working, the entire tank could be at risk of failing.

The tank is more complex than a basic holding cell for wastewater. When the waste enters the tank, it begins to separate. A portion of the solid waste is impacted by bacteria in the tank while the remaining solid waste settles at the bottom of the tank. A regular septic tank pumping service will keep the tank running efficiently.

Septic System Maintenance

Having the Myrtle Beach septic tank inspection complete before you purchase a home will let you know if there are any small issues that should be remedied before they turn into expensive septic tank emergencies.

A septic tank inspection company will tell you what you can expect from any particular septic system. The Elvis Service Company can provide you with an accurate assessment of the system, and let you know if you’ll face serious or costly damage when purchasing a home with a septic system.

The primary benefit of having the system inspected regularly is to avoid major issues. Your septic cleaning company ensures each element of the system is working to its optimum ability. By making needed repairs and addressing issues immediately, you prolong the life of your entire system, but you won’t know what type of issues you’re facing without the inspection.

An independent septic system evaluation will tell you whether or not the tank, perforated pipes, and drainfield are in good working order. If repairs or maintenance is needed, the inspection will reveal what needs to be done to improve the system and how much the maintenance will cost. You’ll also know when the tank should be emptied and be able to set a septic pumping schedule if you purchase the home.


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