What Is A Holding Tank And Do I Need One?

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What Is A Holding Tank And Do I Need One?

What Is A Holding Tank And Do I Need One?

If you’ve never had to plan for a construction job site or used a mobile office or camper, you may not be familiar with a holding tank. While a holding tank does share some similarities with a septic tank, the two are very different when it comes to design and upkeep.

A holding tank is a mobile unit that is connected or can be connected to a trailer, mobile office, camper, or RV. The holding tank holds gray water and should be delivered, installed, and maintained by a professional Myrtle Beach holding tank company.

How Often To Pump Holding Tank

Similar to a septic tank, a holding tank needs to be pumped on a regular basis. Because the holding tank is much smaller, it needs to be pumped every two to four weeks, depending on the size and rate of use. There is no outlet pipe in a holding tank, so the gray water stays in the tank until it’s pumped.

Elvis Service Company has the experience and equipment to pump any holding tank for septic, sewage, or wastewater. Solids and water build up in the tank, so they need to be emptied routinely. To understand exactly how frequently your tank should be cleaned, contact the Elvis Service Company. Our crew can help you determine when pumping should be performed to help you avoid a leak.

Holding Tank Installation

Whether you’re planning for a holding tank at your construction site project or need one for your RV ahead of a road trip, you need to have the tank professionally installed. The delivery and setup of the tank takes more experience than you may expect. The site needs to be evaluated for conditions and sewer lines that currently run on the property. The technician needs to determine the correct depth for installing the holding tank and perform the installation properly to avoid leaks and contamination. Consider using tissue specifically made for holding tanks to avoid blocking the system. To prolong the life of your holding tank, avoid dumping improper items such as food particles and grease down the drain.

Do I Need A Holding Tank?

Because holding tanks are responsible for such a large job, any RV, camper, mobile office, or other facility utilizing a toilet, sink, or water-reliant appliance, should be equipped with a holding tank. You want to be responsible with the gray water you produce, so hiring a Myrtle Beach holding tank company should be a top priority.

The size of holding tank you need will depend on use of the facilities. The Elvis Service Company can help you determine what size tank you should install based on the number of people using the facility. Once the tank is installed, our technicians can professionally clean the unit as needed. We’ll determine how often the holding tank should be cleaned after the first pumping.

Contact the Elvis Service Company today for information on our holding tanks and which will best fit your needs.



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