Why December Is The Best Time For Myrtle Beach Line Jetting

Why December Is The Best Time For Myrtle Beach Line Jetting

Why December Is The Best Time For Myrtle Beach Line Jetting

After a busy holiday season, your commercial kitchen needs a thorough cleaning. But to clear out all the grease and debris, you need to go deeper than surface level. Myrtle Beach line jetting is the best way to clear your clogged lines and restore the flow rate and original drain speed to your kitchen. Line jetting at the end of December or beginning of January is a great time to have this service completed. Your holiday rush is coming to a close and normal business resumes. You have more opportunity to make the necessary repairs and maintenance work.

What Is Myrtle Beach Line Jetting?

Line jetting, sometimes referred to as hydro jetting, utilizes intense water pressure to clear your plumbing lines for optimum use. A high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle is fed into your plumbing system to allow water to blast through the pipe and remove grease buildup, debris, tree roots, and more. The nozzle is made with numerous jets and rotates as it moves through the plumbing. The highly pressurized water runs along every inch of your pipes to leave a clean and clear sewer line. Whether you’re in need of clog removal or just want to maintain your Myrtle Beach pipes, here are 3 benefits of line jetting in December.

Saves Money

The average sewer line pipe replacement project can cost upwards of $400, and that’s for a single pipe. Having your plumbing thoroughly cleaned with line jetting services helps avoid broken or heavily worn pipes. The water jets move the debris out of the pipes and through the sewer system. If left untreated, the grease, oils, and fats that line your pipes can increase the corrosion rate of pipe material, cause severe clogs, and force waste back through the drains in your restaurant kitchen or home.


Research shows some of America’s tap water is filled with dangerous chemicals and pouring toxic drain cleaners down your plumbing system only adds to the problem. Professional Myrtle Beach line jetting is not only safe for your pipes, but it’s also a safe alternative for the environment. By just using water, line jetting can clear away years of waste and grease without harming the groundwater nearby. Store-bought drain cleaners are filled with dangerous toxins that pose a threat to those using the product as well as the soil that supports the plumbing.


If you’ve ever used a chemical-based drain cleaner you know the problem will return eventually. Liquid drain cleaners don’t have the ability to completely rid your pipes of build-up or clogs as line jetting services do. The pressurized water is released with such force that every clog, tree root, or buildup spot is washed away. Traditional cleaners can leave residue remaining on the side of the pipe walls, but professional line jetting clears the sewer line entirely.

Now that your holiday guests have left and your restaurant workflow is returned to normal, it’s time to schedule your line jetting cleaning. The Elvis Service Company has the experience to clean your pipes safely and quickly. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment. 


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