Why You Need A Septic System Inspection

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Why You Need A Septic System Inspection

Why You Need A Septic System Inspection

Many home maintenance projects call for attention as the seasons change, like cleaning out the gutters or pressure washing your siding, but others are easy to forget. A septic tank inspection is a to-do list item that can be pushed off again and again. After all, the tank is underground – out of sight, out of mind. But the elements of your home that you ignore can quickly fall into disrepair, costing you more in the long run.

During a septic tank inspection, you can expect the technician to dig test holes, open the septic tank, and monitor the liquid levels. The inspector will also look for excess standing water and check the water flow between your home and tank. You’ll be given a detailed report of the inspector’s findings. Even if you’re diligent in having your septic system pumped on a regular basis, a septic tank inspection is needed for a number of reasons.

Septic Tank Inspection Benefits

It’s recommended to have your septic tank inspected at least every three years. If your tank is used more than the average home, you may consider more regular inspections. The problem is, most homeowners only schedule an inspection when something is wrong with their system.

Avoid Major Maintenance Issues

The primary benefit of having the system inspected regularly is to avoid major issues. Your septic cleaning company can detect small issues before they become major emergency plumbing repair needs. Serious and costly damage can occur in your system if the small problems aren’t handled right away.

Better Performance From System

Your system performs best when everything is in working order. A regular Myrtle Beach septic system inspection ensures each element of the system is working to its optimum ability. By making needed repairs and addressing issues immediately, you prolong the life of your entire system. The system runs better, which means your home’s waste removal is efficient.

Prepare For Home Sale

The average person lives in a home for seven years. While you may not be planning to place your home on the market right now, keeping up with your septic system will make it easier to sell when the time comes. A well-functioning system is an asset many home buyers will require. A system that needs extensive work or even replacement can be a deterrent for anyone interested in your home. Use the regular maintenance reports as a way to prove the system’s worth and increase the value of your home.

On that note, if you’re planning to purchase a home, invest in a septic tank inspection. You’ll want to know exactly what’s happening with the system underground and be prepared for any repairs that need to be made upon purchase. While a routine home inspection may include a visual inspection of the septic system, having a professional perform an extensive review will give you peace of mind about your home purchase.

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